Elevating Elegance: Tips for Delivering a Flawless Wedding Speech


December 22, 2023

You’ve been tasked with giving a speech at your friend’s wedding, or perhaps are the mother of the bride wanting to make her mark at her last child’s wedding. In the realm of luxury weddings, every detail is meticulously curated to perfection. So should the speeches! Or as I like to call them, accentuated toasts (aka: your “speech” should not exceed the 3-5 minute mark). Today, I’m excited to share 5 invaluable tips on how to deliver the best wedding speech in the world of luxury nuptials.

Understanding the Atmosphere:

Take a moment to soak in the ambiance of the event. Gauge your audience. Know what part of the evening you’ll be speaking in- are people new to the room and excited for the evening? Are they a little sleepy from a long dinner? Tailor your speech to match the occasion, incorporating crowed appropriate language and gauging your comedy!

Be Genuine

Authenticity always resonates. Speak from the heart. This sincerity creates a powerful connection between not only the couple and the speaker, but the guests and the couple.

Mastering the art of laughter

Laughter is a great way to connect with the audience, but be mindful! Avoid anything crude, or embarrassing for the couple. Instead, opt for light-hearted, relatable humour that adds joy instead of pity.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even the most seasoned speakers rehearse their speeches. Practice with a friend or in front of a mirror and refine your delivery, work on timing, and ensure you can read the font and size of your printed materials! Remember, it may be slightly dark at the podium (hopefully not- lighting is key!) so print larger than you anticipate needing.

A Grand Finale:

Conclude your speech or toast on a positive. Leave the audience with warm wishes, and final thoughts that encapsulate your overall message. And of course, raise your glass!

Cheers to a celebration that transcends elegance and creates memories to last a lifetime!

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