SHEA x THE SOCIAL: 2024 Wedding Trends


February 12, 2024

I had the delightful opportunity to appear once again on CTV’s THE SOCIAL last week. Alongside Cynthia Lyost, Andrea Bain, & Jess Allen, we engaged in our usual lively discussions about the realm of events and entertainment. However, this time, our focus was on celebrating weddings! The year 2024 is brimming with captivating and exciting trends, and it was such a pleasure to spend the segment sharing what I anticipate will be popular in the upcoming months. Eager to learn more about what I think will be popular? Keep reading and be sure to watch the segment video at the end of the post.

2024 Wedding Trends

  1. Bold & Beautiful Invitation Suites

Featuring the gorgeous work of Paper and Poste , we shared our prediction of bold and saturated colours, beautiful botanical illustrations, and big text and calligraphy patterns. Digital invitations may be on the rise, but there is something so classically beautiful about holding a paper invitation suite in your hands, and introducing your guests to their first foray into the overall wedding experience with a beautiful mailed invitation.

2. Moody and Heritage Inspired Table Decor

We are loving the idea of table decor that embraces mood and vibe. We are seeing tons of Heritage inspired colours for this wedding year (think cappuccino, black, olive green, brown, taupe) and a focus on homestead tableware like stoneware, pastoral accent plates, and heavier cutlery. We loved being able to share these trends with the help of gorgeous table top details and linens from both Simply Beautiful Decor along with Table Tales. We also featured whicker woven chairs from Detailz that lended to our trend prediction of tons of texture this year!

When it comes to florals and candles, we love that candles are taking the focus this year and in a big way. Full table scapes of candles, lots of bows and details, and oodles of glow. Florals are taking the stage OFF the tables this season, with big beautiful installation type florals, creating “moments” of intrigue and beauty around the room. All creating the most beautiful wedding atmospheres. We were lucky to have our friends at Henna Florists bring this to life on the segment.

3. Wedding Activations

Having your guests involved in activities or “activations” at your wedding is where those incredible life-lasting memories are made. For this year, we are seeing some fabulous trends to treat your guests to. Permanent bracelets, like the ones we featured from Dainty Diamond, are such a fun way to treat your bridal party to in the morning as a sweet memento of the occasion. Audio guest books like Hold The Phone are a great way to take the traditional idea of a guest book and giving it a spin. I love the idea of hearing your memories, as opposed to reading them. Tattoo stations (yes, real OR temporary) is possibly one of my favourite trends for this year, with guests loving this out of the box opportunity to create lasting (literally) memories. For the show, we featured super hilarious temporary tattoos from Hype and Holler with cheeky images of co-host Jess Allen and her partner Simon as an homage to their recent 20th anniversary.

So what do you think? What trends do you think are going to be top of the list for 2024? Which ones do you love, or do you never want to see again?

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