May 12, 2024

Last week, we once again had the opportunity to showcase our event planning and styling skills on our favourite gal pal talkshow, THE SOCIAL.

We took inspiration from THE MET GALA’s 2024 them of “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” and showcased a stunning garden party: a perfect entertaining opportunity to highlight fashion AND fauna.

And if only we had smell-o-vision! Our first garden party suggestion was to host THE PERFUME AND COLOGNE BAR as a guest activation to enchant guests with smell. A customizable experience, guests are taken through creating their own perfume to take home with them at the end of the evening. You can also use the bar to customize home fragrance scents to use in diffusers and oil pots. A perfect way to bring the outside in if your garden party takes a spin inside due to inclement weather.

Our table decor for the segment focused on highlighting the natural imperfections of the world of gardens. Embracing those unique qualities and the look of an unkempt but gorgeous bouquet, SWEET WOODRUFF brought our arrangements to life and adorned our table beautifully. Natural table ware from TABLE TALES and a double layered linen added texture and interest, and allowed the nuances of a creative garden aesthetic to shine. We invited PAPER AND POSTE to create menus on a natural seed paper, which guests can take home and plant in their own garden to create their own garden memories and encourage guests to keep an “eco- friendly” mindset when hosting in their outdoor wonderlands.

In our final set up, we welcomed BAR CHEF mixologist master Chef Lionel Duke to come and enchant the hosts with a “SPRING THAW” cocktail, inspired by the thawing of winter and revitalization of spring blooms. Evolving as you drink it, the cocktail enchanted with spilling dry ice and fragrance and was equally as beautiful and it was delicious.

We are always so grateful to be welcomed on THE SOCIAL time and time again, and thrilled we were able to bring our Met Gala inspiration to life.

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